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Top Landscaping Trends for 2021

Top Landscaping Trends for 2021

Customers don’t want “WOW!” these days as much as they want, “Ahhhhh.”  Think less Disney floral gardens and more Natural Tranquility Spa

Staying current with the trends is key to the landscaping business, and we want to supply you with all the keys to success. Here we have compiled some of the top trends in landscaping for the upcoming year and Toro/CASE supplies all the right machines to get it done in 2021!

The endless days of sculpting and weeding are long gone in the landscaping industry. The homeowner wants to be able to open his backdoor and say, “ahhhhhh,” like he has stepped into a weeklong vacation. Today’s customer wants eco-friendly, natural, and low-maintenance…and this means the right Toro/CASE excavation tools to get the job done!

Five landscaping trends that achieve the “ahhhh” factor:

  1. Eco-friendly – There is respect for our natural environment today more than ever before.Customers want garden plants to blend together to form unique transitions in textures and color. Although the landscape can often take tremendous landscaping labor, the end result should incorporate native grasses, plants and shrubs to produce a serene environment that no one would ever suspect didn’t happen naturally. A great attachment for your hard-working CASE skid steer loader or CASE compact track loader is our mulcher. Mulch will reduce the amount of water that evaporates from your soil and adds in texture.
  2. Strategically irrigated – In order for that landscape to look effortless (and BE effortless to maintain), irrigation is everything.Although sprinkler systems are still often necessary,  natural water supply is much preferred.A pond or a slowly-trickling waterfall adds a perfect touch to the desired spa-like surroundings. And a carefully-planned footprint of water flow will provide not only natural beauty, but practical irrigation as well.
  3. Rocks – They are integral in proper irrigation and very appropriate in this trend ofa la naturale! Don’t remove those big boulders…relocate them to showcase a natural transition in your landscape. Do you have huge boulders piling up because of your recent excavation? Put the Toro TXL 2000 to good use and add them to your breathtaking botanical setting!
  4. Native plants – Texture is as critical as color (think tapestry over grandma’s afghan). Gradual transitions of shades of color and intermittent perennials are popular, as opposed to past harsh lines of separation between beds of plants.
  5. Edible – An increased respect for our environment means land that will yield a crop! Raised gardens are ALL the rage right now, and homeowners are putting them EVERYWHERE, and they’re even popping up in some business office courtyards! A natural, mature landscape is the perfect location to place a raised vegetable garden or even a fruit bush or tree! If placed correctly, these plants should thrive and stick around for future generations.

Enjoy the “Spa” life  and let Toro/CASE do the heavy work for you!


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