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Technology advances in the construction industry are on the rise.

Technology Advances in the Construction Industry

Whether or not one contracted the Coronavirus in 2020, virtually everyone has been impacted in one or way or a thousand. The construction industry is no exception. With complaints of increased costs of materials and lack of workers, the business had to get creative to cut costs in the future. Technology has entered into the field at a faster rate than ever before, and here are a few of the changes that will aid in a healthy rebound for the industry:

Virtual everything. The creation of mobile construction apps allows contractors to collaborate “on-site” virtually, accomplishing real-time inspections, accurate measurements from phone cameras, and public meetings without having to leave their own offices. Over 81% of construction companies are now using mobile devices to increase efficiency.

Smart advanced wearables. From safety helmets all the way down to steel-toed boots, smart technology is being implemented into safety-required wearables. This technology does everything from monitor fatigue and collision to contact tracing. Smart technology is now available in helmets, headsets, glasses, vests, watches, gloves boots…83% of contractors believe this new technology will drastically improve site safety.

Drone use. Not only used for aerial photography anymore, drones aid in mapping large areas and providing real-time data that accelerates construction decisions and helps streamline the entire process. Use of drone technology in the industry continues to increase over 200% yearly.

Construction Management Software Solutions.  Construction goods rose five percent over three years (ending in 2020) and interest rates are now rising. Excellent Construction Management Software Solutions are essential to manage inventory, budgets, documents…virtually every aspect of the construction business. Each software package differs slightly, so prospective owners are encouraged to explore carefully in order to best meet their business needs.

Contractor’s Machinery offers ProCare, the most comprehensive planned maintenance and heavy machine support in the industry. Click here to learn more about ProCare, which comes standard on all new heavy equipment orders.

A year of “shut-down” did anything but shut down the progress in the construction business. Now is the time to consider the technological advances in this cutting-edge industry!

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