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Winter maintenance and storage list for your heavy duty equipment

Ready for Winter? Check the List!

Whether you’re working or storing your heavy duty construction and landscape equipment, it’s time to prepare for the cold months and prevent some major expenses. Start working now through the winter maintenance list to get the best out of your machines this season and next:

Look Over Your Equipment

A careful visual check of your machinery will protect you from endless regrets when revving up for the spring season.

  • Fluid levels – Look carefully at fluid levels and adjust accordingly, either for winter work or storage.
  • Hoses and belts – Hydraulic hoses often crack in colder temperatures, so use arctic hydraulic oil in order to prevent this. Address any cracks or worn parts you see and replace as necessary.
  • Tires – We all know they will lose pressure more quickly in the winter months, so check that pressure before every use and fill with air in a heated area for better and longer-lasting results. Filling with dry nitrogen gas is a viable alternative that helps prevent ice crystals from forming in the valve stems.


  • Proper lubricants – When checking levels of each lubricant, make sure it properly flows off the dipstick. If it doesn’t, you may be using the wrong product for your machine. Always follow manufacturer’s suggestions.
  • Add starting fluid only while the engine is cranking and always at room temperature.
  • Use and store Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) wisely. In excessively cold temps, DEF will freeze (12 degrees or lower), and it thaws as well. Store appropriately so that it does not burst during expansion.

System Inspection

  • Ensure that radiator coolant is filled to the cap and secured for proper pressure relief.
  • Starters and batteries will be cranked nearly twice as much in colder months in order to turn over. Storing the battery indoors and fully charged when the machinery is not being used will extend the life of both.
  • Undercarriage – Excessive snow, ice, and salt residue will quickly erode the undercarriage of your vehicle. Make sure it is rinsed and stored properly after each winter use or before cold weather storage.

Temperature Safe Storage

If you are completing your list in order to store your fleet for the winter, wise storage is the key to a quick and uneventful upstart in the spring. Detach attachments and store away both machines and attachments, fluids and oils, in room temperature to avoid winter damage and freezing.

Careful care of your heavy duty equipment now will afford a quicker start to your success in the spring! We at CMI want the very best for you and your business each and every season!


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