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Care for and extend the life of your heavy equipment.

How to Care for and Extend the Life of Your Heavy Equipment

A tentative economy and a season of uniquely challenging weather nationwide has heavy equipment owners exceptionally concerned about protecting their biggest investments. Here are four considerations as you determine how to get a full lifetime out of your machines:

Review your training protocol:  It is essential that every employee who is operating your equipment knows how to care for it properly. At the end of an exceptionally long workday, cleaning a rig is the last thing anyone wants to do, but it’s critical to the life of your machines.  Excessive rain and mud buildup is cruel. Is your crew thoroughly trained in how to best run and clean your equipment in extreme weather? That additional training time may very well save you in the long run.

Enforce preventive maintenance: In addition to routine cleaning and care, develop and enforce the implementation of a preventive maintenance program. It should be a point-to-point inspection of every aspect of your machines, paying special attention to any rebuilt components. Finally, make sure electronic data is collected and safely recorded so routine maintenance is never ignored.

Go digital:  If you have a growing business and are concerned that employees are not conducting every detail of cleaning and maintenance, invest in a CCMS (computerized maintenance management system.) This computer software will record any work done and notify you automatically when it’s time to check and care for your machinery. There are some critical questions to ask when investing in a CCMS, such as the size of your business and your budget. Sites like  and  offer some free tools to help in making this decision.

“Follow the instructions” sounds a little basic when it comes to these massive machines, but manufacturers’ recommendations are essential to getting the full lifetime out of your heavy equipment. Adhere religiously to care suggested in the owner’s manual supplied with your machines. Never skimp on routinely replacing fluids and parts and remember that the proper storage of your off-season machines is critical. Following these guidelines will help to ensure the longevity of your equipment and ultimately your business.

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