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Construction trends for 2022

Efficiency and Safety Remain the Top Construction Trends in 2022!

As our nation is taking its first breaths after Covid-19 pandemic restrictions, the construction industry reflects on how these strange two years have drastically affected current construction trends. Stricter safety regulations, rising supply costs (up 17% in 2021!), and continued shortage of workers has made 2022 a uniquely competitive market.

Increased health and safety regulations are here to stay, as contractors have implemented new methods to meet cleanliness and safety standards, ultimately increasing union presence. This year the companies that have invested in quality protective gear and technology are the ones who are getting the bids. Robotic transport equipment has solved the problem of both safety and labor shortages. Everything from protective headsets to Wi-Fi safety alerts has been implemented so that OSHA is happy and the customer gets his job done on time.

Face-to-face contact has been replaced by “smart” contracts, which allow both the customer and the contractor to review and track progress of jobs more efficiently and safely. Regulations are followed closely and deadlines are met on time, all by tracking building supply and labor progress online. Drones, AR (Augmented Reality), and online modeling have met the challenges of labor shortage as well.

Another construction trend for 2022 that’s on the upswing are prefab and modular buildings, with many international builders hoping to spend just 25% of their energy on on-site construction by 2025.  The prefab trend increased dramatically with social distancing regulations, but it is continuing as an economical and comfortable option for builders.

As the construction industry adjusts to a post-pandemic generation, it is thinking “green” and efficient from every angle. Building designs must be energy smart and multi-functional. (Think gardens on rooftops and self-sustaining environmental resources.)

“Smart” employees are being redefined as well in 2022! A college education was commonly thought to be a “plus” in most industries, but construction companies are increasingly hiring hands-on experience and skill, despite lack of a college education. These days of labor shortages have opened opportunities for skilled laborers and forced businesses to focus on training like never before.

Unfortunately, increases of cost have had to be passed on to the consumer as a result of many of the necessary changes in the construction industry. But the result has forced some trends for this business that are here to stay through 2022 and far beyond.

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