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Control precision is transforming the construction game.

Control Precision is Transforming the Construction Game

To the casual observer, a construction site is simply about a lot of huge machinery being moved back and forth until the land is cleared and level. To the large equipment operator, that scenario just described a massive loss of time and money. Construction is all about control and precision, and precision technology has completely changed the game of this industry! New technology innovations are making the heavy and light equipment industry “smarter” than ever, and customers have increased efficiency at their fingertips.

Precision in earthmoving means the job is completed more efficiently, ultimately causing less strain on the equipment and less error in the work. Needing to clear and grade your property? Consider shaping the land with CASE M Series Crawler Dozers equipped with SiteControl CoPilot, which is an easy-to-use system that allows operators to set desired slope/grade reference, and automatically holds that slope/grade without the need for lasers, masts or GPS. SiteControl CoPilot enables operators to get it right the first time and achieve a smooth surface, slope, or grade without the need for additional passes.

For enhanced leveling performance, M Series dozers can be factory equipped with the most popular GPS and laser guidance systems such as Topcon, Leica, and Trimble. added automatic grade control to the blade. Operators no longer must wait for surveyors and engineers to arrive and manually plant grade stakes on the property.

Smart technology guides the operator to optimum precision which reduces wear and tear on equipment. Even underwater these machines can grade with blind precision, as technology serves as the “eyes” of the operator! Various sensors and electronic controls work together to automate the project, thus eliminating or at least limiting any human error.

With several screens or even split screens to choose from, this precision is saving time and fuel, and enabling operators to get the jobs done right the first time. Less wear and tear on equipment means greater profits. Less time on the job overall means much greater profits!

Skilled workers are increasingly hard to find in the construction industry, and all projections look like this may be true for some years to come. CASE provides intelligent construction with their SiteControl technology, which is one of the obvious solutions to this problem. It is, no doubt, setting a high bar for Original Equipment Manufacturing in the future, and Contractor’s Machinery along with CASE is determined to provide the highest industry standard!

For details on CASE SiteControl technology please click here.

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