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Planned maintenance extends the life of your equipment

Planned Maintenance Extends the Life of Your Equipment

“Time simply seems to go faster as I get older!” You’ve said it a million times! We notice it when our kids are growing up, when it’s time for our yearly physical….and when it’s time to maintain our heavy equipment! It’s essential to have a Planned Maintenance Agreement (PMA) if you don’t want your equipment to fail you when you need it most.

Investing in a PMA is more important today than ever before:


Your equipment is increasingly high-tech. Truthfully, even you may not understand all the essential components to keeping it healthy. Despite OSHA regulations, it is common for operators to overlook the little things Regular routine maintenance prevents any number of problems, as these “little things” are key items on the checklist:

  • Accuracy of gauges
  • Battery
  • Tires or tracks
  • Levels of all fluids


Breakdowns mean downtime. And nothing affects the bottom line like downtime. If you take excellent care of your heavy equipment, it will live past the hours logged and the miles on the odometer. Regular planned maintenance is the key to understanding the proper age of your equipment and keeping it running strong to the end.


As you know, with any vehicle, your equipment loses value the minute you start it up for the very first run. The way you make a good return on that investment is by getting as many years out of it as possible. With routine maintenance, fuel economy improves, keeping your equipment running longer and more efficiently.


When it is time to flip that equipment or simply retire the work for good, a PMA is a proven way to get more money for your vehicle. Having documentation that you have taken impeccable care of its maintenance will prove to the next buyer that he will have fewer safety, breakdown, and cost headaches as well.

CASE offers an outstanding Planned Maintenance Agreement to keep your equipment running as vigorously as it needs for you to get the job done!  Click here to learn more.

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