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Great News for Women in Construction

Women are making huge strides in the construction industry, with their numbers increasing over 50% in the last ten years! Serving as engineers, executives, team members or construction managers…there are good reasons that women are entering the building workforce:

Pay equity! Of all industries reported by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, construction shows the lowest pay gap between men and women at 94.3%!  Currently women make up only 10-15% of the building workforce. However, companies are seeing women apply like never before, as they are pursuing industry education and taking advantage of companies that are intentionally hiring more women.

The equity in job opportunities and pay is due in part to the focused outreach of organizations like the NAWIC (National Association of Women in Construction). All women are eligible to receive professional development and career opportunities, as the NAWIC is committed to growing up the capability and numbers of women in their construction careers. (Click here for more information.)

Training opportunities! Colleges and universities across America are offering accredited degree programs and are equipping employees with necessary training to not only start their careers, but advance them. More Associate, Bachelor’s, and Master’s are available now than ever before. If you’re considering a career, explore your local university and endless online opportunities to obtain the specific construction certification necessary for you.

A hot job market! We are still feeling the effects of a worldwide pandemic. “Now hiring” signs have popped up everywhere, and this is extraordinarily true in the building industry. This increase of job availability covers all aspects of the field, from welders and electricians to project managers and marketing specialists.

With increased pay and opportunity, the industry should steadily see numbers of women consistently rise as well. The construction arena is more than ready for what women bring to the job site and executive boardroom!

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