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Improve the Comfort of Your Machinery Cab

You spend a lot of time each day maneuvering your machinery, and to ensure a long and healthy career, you deserve the most comfortable ride available! Your physical comfort is all about how much you can control your environment. Take the time to be comfortable, and you will find your bottom line improving along with your health and job satisfaction:

Control the NOISE!

Do you know that cabs of machines are now designed to create a quieter environment? You can listen to music or podcasts and actually hear them over the sound of the engine!  Ask your local CASE dealer about installing a four-channel Bluetooth amplifier. Not only will this increase the volume but the quality of sound. You never have to dive under the seat for a phone again…just hook up your phone or tablet and relish a full audio experience.

Control the RIDE!

Ergonomics are everything when it comes to a luxurious ride. Upgrade your seat so that it provides a smooth ride at every jobsite. Adjustable design, settings, and cushion are critical when it comes to a day of maneuvering on rough terrain. In addition, think about your air temperature. Efficient heat and air conditioning is essential to a comfortable day in your cab.

Now look outside the cab, and you’ll see a host of other comforts to consider! Make sure you have enough cushion in your tires; deep aperture holes will provide a smoother ride and be much more merciful on the lower back. If your machine has tracks instead of tires, inspect and upgrade if necessary. (For help with track selection, click here.) A premium rubber will significantly reduce the amount of wear and tear on your machine and its driver. Less vibration means increased comfort, and it’s critical to improve inside the cab and out.

Control the CONTROLS!   

The vast majority of back and neck injuries actually occur for no known reason. Through our daily lives, we reach or strain or pick up something without thought…then suddenly we’re on medical leave without a great story to tell! It’s imperative that the control system in your cab is easy to reach. If it is not installed in a convenient place, check out the technology helps available at  RAM Mount products.  There is a huge variety of products to help shorten your reach and put controls at your fingertips.

CASE products are available to meet all the comfort needs of you, the large machinery operator. Contact Contractor’s Machinery today and ensure your “office” is as profitable and comfortable as you deserve it to be!

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