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CASE SiteWatch Technology

CASE and the Integration of Technology

Technology is transforming virtually every industry, and CASE is taking full advantage of the latest technological advances to keep its equipment a step above competitors!

A large equipment company can only be as successful as the health performance of its machines. Having accurate operation data on every machine in the fleet is vital to CASE’s success. Utilizing SiteWatch telematics it is possible to track every aspect of performance, ensuring optimum execution of all equipment and efficient maintenance management of all fleets.  Because it complies with AEMP (Association of Equipment Management Professionals) 2.0 telematics standards, SiteWatch is compatible to literally any size fleets.

Through SiteWatch telematics, the large equipment user no longer has to search for and report critical data; rather, it is electronically available at his/her fingertips, thus eliminating any potential human error. In the office, out on the field, or anywhere there is internet connection. SiteWatch keeps track of the entire fleet on a single interface, revealing any performance and safety concerns, as well as maximizing the efficiency of every component of each machine on the fleet.

Site Control is another game-changer in the progression of CASE equipment, applying this very simple concept: “Move dirt once.” SiteControl has significantly equipped the user to do just that in the exquisitely precise process of grading. This 3D Grade Control program helps to lower costs and increase profitability of each company that utilizes CASE equipment.  The precision with which SiteControl allows machines to work means an increase in efficiency and a decrease of wear and tear on earth-moving equipment. With SiteControl technology, fleet managers can decrease costs in addition to minimizing chances of theft and damage to the equipment.

Utilizing the very latest in this world of technology, CASE provides everything you need for dozers, graders, excavators, and more! Contact CMI-Case today to see how SiteWatch and SiteControl can transform the bottom line for your company!

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