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Keep your engine lubricated with the best OEM lubricant available.

The Essential Lubricant Every Engine Needs

Each summer we ask our equipment to do the IMPOSSIBLE: Run as long and hard as it can under extreme heat conditions and increased dust and debris. This is essential to keeping on schedule, and the only way machines can do the impossible is to keep them adequately lubricated! It’s critical that we have the very best OEM lubricant available to keep them running effectively and complete the job on time!

When the schedule is tight (and really? When is it NOT?!) you cannot afford for equipment to be slowed or potentially break down altogether. With a combination of brilliant engineers and painstaking production, CASE has manufactured its top-of-the-line lubricants to ensure your labor goes uninterrupted when your equipment is needed the most critically:


Keeping equipment cool in the brutal summer heat is no small task in this critical business season. To keep your machines cool, even when being pushed to their limits, CASE offers Extended-Life Coolant. Using an OAT technology (Organic Additive Technology), this product enables machines to run effectively for 4 years (up to 4,000 hours) without using other additives. It protects equipment from common corrosion, extending not only your work- day but the life of your machines. This coolant is designed intentionally so that it is the only coolant you need for all your equipment!


Damaging residue on equipment can quickly bring a job to a halt. If you’re looking for a product to eliminate corrosion, CASE has developed one to ensure that every component on those machines runs smoothly, eliminating the destructive general “crud” that typically accumulates on axles, transmissions, and hydraulic systems. Hy-Tran Premium is the industry-leader you need to keep your machines clean! It offers heat protection, 1% water tolerance, and increased oxidation stability, ensuring maximum power and performance all season long.


Just like every good “work horse,” you’ve got to keep each one of your machines well-fed and properly cared-for! These engines deserve only the best to perform at their optimal level, and CASE’s No. 1 Engine Oil is proven best. With its Low-SAPS additive technology and extended drain intervals, your machines are equipped to perform longer and hotter in even the most merciless heat of summer.

Drink more water and slick up with the sunscreen…  Summer heat brings some unique challenges to us and to our equipment! In addition to our own need. For increased hydration and protection from the elements, let’s be sure to safeguard our equipment from the high temps and dirty elements of summer by using only the best CASE products. In return, our machines will provide us with extended workdays and ultimately a solid increase to our bottom line!


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