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Monitor and maintain your equipment's undercarriage

State-of-the-Art Undercarriage Care

The careful monitoring and maintenance of the undercarriage of a large machine can easily make up 60% of the long-term cost of that machine. CASE takes those numbers very seriously, investing extensively in the undercarriage of its machines through its new undercarriage wear measuring program, All Makes Undercarriage Program.    

Using TrackCare technology, the All Makes Undercarriage Program is the collaborative effort of CASE and CNH Industrial brands. This new program allows CASE customers to partner with dealers on a whole new level, working with each other to bring unparalleled undercarriage care to their equipment, offering literally every replacement part an owner may need. 

There are several factors that contribute to the wear and tear of your machine’s undercarriage:  

Application – The type of job you are doing with your equipment has tremendous impact on the stress and strain on your machine’s parts. Considering the tasks of carrying and grading, trenching, dozing, pushing, ripping, loading…the more torque the job requires, the more stress it puts on the undercarriage.

Terrain – Your equipment is typically being used to change the terrain. Hills, slopes, crowns, depressions…all put resistance force on the undercarriage and put exceptional strain on the undercarriage components.

Underfoot – Abrasive rocks, sand, and harsh debris all deteriorate the parts of the undercarriage.

Operation – If all the above factors were not considered, the simple operation of large equipment means the undercarriage and all other parts of that machine experience daily wear and tear. We’re asking these machines to do a lot, and they work hard to do it. 

With the TrackCare system, the large equipment owner can combat each of these factors and get longer life from his equipment. He can customize track groups and chains, then order as many as are needed in specific sizes.  All Makes Undercarriage Program owners can get replacement part options for non-CASE machines as well. 

 When owning CASE equipment there are no surprises in terms of cost. Use the Total Cost Ownership calculator to strategize just what CASE can do to improve your business today! 

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