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Mini Excavator

Don’t Discount the Mini Excavator

Check out these top uses for the mini excavator and see just how versatile this mini but mighty piece of equipment can be.

Tree Planting and Roadside Installation

Before the advent of the mini excavator, homeowners and contractors alike were forced to dig holes the old-fashioned way, with a shovel and a whole lot of muscle. Same goes for road sign installation.

These versatile machines can now easily dig deep holes for trees, ensuring proper depth for root balls and trunks. And their compact size enables easy roadside work without disrupting traffic. Quickly and easily drill for sign poles by utilizing a hydraulic auger attachment.

In utility trench excavation, mini excavators excel in digging the necessary deep trenches. Soil challenges can affect whether trench excavation is successful. Safety measures like shoring, de-watering, and benching address such challenges. Mini excavators can handle trenching, backfilling, and compaction, providing a comprehensive solution.

For drainage ditch construction, mini excavators efficiently dig the necessary wide trenches, allowing water to flow away from properties. The machine’s agility ensures precise digging and easy filling of the ditch with crushed rock.

Job Preparation

Effective jobsite preparation will be step #1 for any construction project. Prep involves clearing vegetation, surface soil, and debris. A mini excavator can be utilized to clear and level the ground and move materials as needed.

CASE Mini Excavator

They are highly versatile and can be equipped with several different attachments that can tackle different needs. Example: a mini excavator with a long boom can help demolish old buildings from the top down and then place organize the resulting debris into piles and eventually, lift and dump the materials into a dump truck.

Pool Installation

 For many, having a pool in their own backyard is the stuff of dreams. A piece of construction equipment like the mini excavator makes a mid-sized project like pool installation much easier for a contractor or even an experienced DIYer.

Even though mini excavators are said to be stable like their larger counterparts, it’s not recommended to ride up slopes with angles greater than 20 degrees.

Irrigation and Landscape Design

Utilize a mini excavator for swift and efficient digging of trenches to place PC pipes for an underground sprinkler system. Prevent dirt from falling back into the trenches by using the excavator’s hydraulic arm and bucket or blade to move and backfill, completing the job much faster than manual tools.

Enhance residential or commercial property aesthetics with DIY landscaping projects. A mini excavator is essential for tasks like digging trenches, moving heavy stones, lifting fountains, and more, making landscaping projects more manageable and efficient.

CASE Mini Excavator


Drilling is made quite simple with the versatile mini excavator. The auger attachment, featuring teeth and a pilot or drive, effortlessly drills into concrete or soil. Tree augers, designed with a smaller diameter at the bottom and a larger one at the top, facilitate tree planting.

For tougher tasks in solid rock or concrete, rock bits are the ideal auger type. Common projects utilizing a mini excavator with an auger include road signage posts, fence posts, tree planting, drainage, landscaping, mining, rock blasting, and more. Choose from a range of drilling attachments, each with unique features and benefits, available for purchase or rental.

In Summary

Turn time-consuming projects into much easier endeavors with the versatile mini excavator. This powerful machine handles tasks like planting trees, digging trenches, and installing pools or spas effortlessly. Its ability to maneuver around obstacles, coupled with a retractable undercarriage for navigating narrow spaces, makes it highly adaptable. With a range of attachments, the mini excavator is a versatile solution capable of tackling almost any project you present to it.

At Contractor’s Machinery, we offer a full line of CASE mini, midi and full-size excavators to tackle whatever project awaits you. Check out all our heavy duty CASE equipment to learn more or give us call so we can help you find the right equipment for the job.

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