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A Mini Machine That Gives Maximum Performance

The mini excavator could be just what your fleet is missing

Just how “mini” is this mighty machine? The Mini Excavator literally fits in a standard garage. But don’t let its looks deceive: It’s able to move massive amounts of earth, runs with a diesel engine and contains a boom arm and hydraulic system just like its “daddy” machines; but the Mini weighs in just under 10,000 pounds.

Used in residential settings, the Mini Excavator is one of the most versatile machines on the market. It efficiently digs foundations, grades, and levels lands with precision, and it effectively performs heavy-duty tasks like trenching and digging holes for septic systems.  

In the commercial world, this machine is being used for digging trenches, foundations, footings, even demolition work. Operators use it to create narrow trenches in utility work, transport mining and quarrying materials, and perform a variety of farming operations, such as creating irrigation systems.

This machine’s versatility doesn’t stop there. The Mini Excavator excels in the industrial sphere as well, meeting industry standards with a whole new level of proficiency. Its smaller size enables it to reach places other machines cannot, all the while being equipped with the power and precision to clear land, break down concrete, and move quickly with ease to transport waste and debris.

There is no question that the Mini Excavator would be a sensational addition to your fleet. If you are considering it, it’s critical to consider the option of renting vs. buying. It costs between $20,000 and $90,00 to buy. Depending on the model, brand, age and condition (new or used), this is a pretty broad range, so careful research and taking a farsighted look at your budget may determine that renting is a better option than buying.

When weighing the two options, here are some critical questions to consider:

  • How long and often will I use the machine? If needing for the very occasional job, renting is most certainly the wise thing to do.
  • Do I have the current capitol in my budget to either buy outright or make payments on a new machine? Even an occasional use over time may make a purchase worth it. (And something to consider with this specific machine is that, because of its versatility and unique size, many customers find that they opt for its use even more than originally anticipated.)
  • What could I potentially save? Larger machines are a more substantial expense to run. If the Mini can take on some of that work, you can potentially extend the life of your fleet all around.
  • How much can I allot for maintenance and repair costs? No purchase is carefree, and these are expenses that need to be approached thoughtfully when looking at your long-term bottom line, whether you buy new or used. If you’re contemplating the Mini or any other major equipment, talk to current owners and get a general feel for the weight of any long-term investment of a construction machine.

CMI-CASE takes pride in not only the products we carry, but the expertise that comes with them. If you want to check out the magnificent Mini, our experts will help you make the decision of whether buying or renting is the best option for you!

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