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The CASE D series full size excavator is built with the operator in mind.

D Series Full Size Excavators

Redefining “full-sized” for the industry.

CASE knows that when you’re looking for a “full-sized” machine, you’re considering far more than loading capacity and engine power. These are the essentials, and this article will outline all the bells and whistles of its D Series Full Size Excavator. But first, let’s take a look at what’s in this machine just for YOU, the operator.

We know your job is hard enough…no need for the cab of your machine to be. This excavator was designed with comfort, capacity, and control:

COMFORT: Painfully long work days mean you can’t afford to be tortured by a cramped space and cruel seating. An ergonomic approach to its design means no more wincing and moaning when climbing out of your cab.

Series D engineers considered everything from legroom to temperature, seat cushion to placement of controls in order to provide the utmost comfort as well as protection from noise and vibration. The cab is extra-wide, pressurized, and is viscous-mounted, preventing breakage commonly caused by rough terrain.

In addition to the necessary comfort, this cab comes with some “luxuries”. An AM/FM Bluetooth radio, USB connection and phone charger mean the operator never needs to lose touch with the office or home while at the job site and the work environment just got much more satisfying.

CAPACITY: This full size excavator provides 6% greater breakout force and fuel savings than its competitors through the use of hydraulic power. Its arm and boom are more effective than ever, and the machine delivers with faster cycle times and greater precision.

CONTROL:  This increased capacity is credited to CASE’s Intelligent Hydraulic System (CIHS), which incorporates a larger main valve with an electronically-controlled pump and multiple hydraulic sensors. Having a powerful machine is of limited effectiveness if that power isn’t harnessed to get the job done with pinpoint accuracy and efficiency. The Series D full size excavator does it ALL, adjusting the hydraulic pressure of the machine according to the specific job at hand. Consider this:

  • Boom Economy Control (BEC) reduces RPMs during down and swing.
  • Auto Economy Control (AEC) lowers RPMs during idling.
  • Swing Relief Control (SWC) efficiently regulates hydraulic swing power when coming out of a hole and moving toward a truck or pile.
  • Spool Stoke Control (SSC) adjusts hydraulic pressure to optimal outputs and minimizes unneeded operational functions.

Case’s Series D full size excavator sets a new bar for the construction industry. CMI is proud to help put this ground-breaking (literally!) machine in to the hands of your operators!

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