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Planned Maintenance

CASE Planned Maintenance
CASE Planned Maintenance
CASE Planned Maintenance
CASE Planned Maintenance

With today’s high-tech construction machinery, it’s increasingly important to protect your equipment investment with Planned Maintenance Agreements that help you manage service costs for the life of your machine.

With a Planned Maintenance Agreement, you get a fixed price for future work that’s tailored to your specific needs. This makes budgeting and tracking maintenance a breeze.


Your Planned Maintenance Agreement allows you to:

  • Identify problems and repair them before failure occurs
  • Decrease downtime
  • Improve resale value thanks to well-documented maintenance work
  • Reduce your overall cost of ownership
  • Improve your fuel economy

CASE Certified Maintenance Inspections

Certified Maintenance Inspections (CMI)

If you understand the value of having highly trained CASE Construction service technicians working on your equipment, then you’ll also appreciate our annual Certified Maintenance Inspection program.

CMIs are a proven and effective way to prevent downtime, protect your equipment investment, and improve resale value thanks to well-documented service work. In the off-season and preseason, our trained and experienced technicians will inspect your equipment and provide recommendations on how to maintain your machine for peak performance.

CMIs are well documented and provide valuable service records for the equipment owner. Decals on your equipment are a visual indicator of completed service. These in turn can increase the equipment’s resale value. In fact, equipment that has had annual CMIs done will hold its resale value better than equipment that hasn’t.

CASE Total Cost of OwnershipCalculator

Calculate Your Total Cost of Ownership

CASE customers can get an understanding of routine maintenance costs for current CASE equipment using the Total Cost of Ownership calculator. This useful tool approximates the hourly cost of ownership, operation, and routine maintenance for a given timeframe and expected use of the equipment. Users will receive a summary of these costs which can provide insight to normal owning and operating costs over an expected ownership period.